• Please show up 5-10 minutes early for check-in and please arrive at noon/8:30pm for end of the day check-out.
  • We ask that you have your child use the restroom before you sign them in.
  • Wear your Breakaway t-shirt everyday.
  • In order to get your child off campus each day after camp, you will be required to present your Security Card to a security team member at any exit. You will receive your Security Cards from your child’s leader on the first day of camp when you sign your child in.
  • “Closed-Toed” shoes are required for ALL participants.
  • Please apply plenty of sunscreen and send a dry towel each day with your child.
  • There is no need to pack a snack as we will provide one for each student.
  • If your child has food allergies we strongly recommend that you provide an alternative snack for them. The parent should give the snack to the child’s leader at the time of check-in.
  • If your child carries an Epi-Pen please have them give it directly to the leader at check-in. The leader will carry it with them throughout the day and call First Aid to administer if necessary.

What grade do i register my child for?

You are registering your child(ren) for the year they will be in the Fall 2018.


If you have already registered and want to add another camp to your child’s registration, simply log back in to the registration site and complete an additional registration.


Select the wrong session? Wrong grade? Wrong child? Please email us at and we will make that change for you. If you enter a new registration you will be charged another registration fee and that registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Available at Admin tables or camp Registration table.

Cancellation/REFUND POLICY

Registration Fee is 50% Refundable

  • Breakaway Classic if cancelled before 5/31
  • Breakaway EXTREME Games if cancelled before 6/23

Registration is Non Refundable

  • Breakaway Classic if cancelled after 6/1
  • Breakaway EXTREME Games if cancelled after 6/24

To cancel a registration and request a refund, email us at Please allow 30 days (for cash payments) or up to 2 billing cycles for credit card payment for receipt of refund. Registration/Processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.


We do not offer discounts for multiple siblings or for children of volunteers. We try to keep our overall costs down for all children. We also do not charge our Adult and Senior High volunteers any t-shirt or supply fees. We know many adults are giving up valuable work time to serve at Breakaway. We cannot run these amazing camps without you.


Our camp snack menu will be posted at the registration table at camp and emailed out to families prior to the start of camp. If your child has food allergies, please provide an alternative snack for him/her.

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