Campers will experience so many fun things throughout the week of Breakaway! Starting with a high-energy rally in the morning with dancing, singing, and an interactive skit, then art, small group time, recreation out in the field, story time, and end the day with another rally! These kids will have so many different experiences each day! 

Arts & Crafts
These aren't your typical basic school projects. At Breakaway, our Arts & Crafts tend to get messy, but in the best, most creative way possible! This is a fun area where the campers get to let out their creativity and maybe even discover an artistic spark they didn't know was there! They can bring their artwork home to show off to family and friends. 

Story Time

Our story room is much more than what you'd expect for a simple story time. We have actors and actresses who make the stories each day interesting, interactive, and funny! The stories are based off of the skits in rally so the campers can continue to learn more about the main theme for camp. Each day is new and filled with even more exciting things happening in the story. 

Small Group Time

Each day, each small group will take time to reflect on the stories they are hearing, discuss questions they might have or what they're learning and even do some fun activities that correlate to the story that day. 


Probably the most favorite part of camp for a lot of the campers is recreation. The groups will go out to the recreation field where there is zip lining, go carting, obstacle courses, water games and more! 
Not all activities are available at every campus and camp.