Breakaway Summer Camp @ Blue Oaks

When is camp? 

Breakaway Classic - June 17-21 9am-noon

Breakaway Extreme Games - July 8-12 9am-noon

What is the difference between Classic & Extreme Games?

At Classic, children from 4 yrs (as of 6/26/19) through 6th grade will enjoy singing, dancing, story time, art, & recreation at our Blue Oaks campus.  At Extreme Games, children from 4 years through 6th grade may choose from 3 different experiences.  Our Extreme Experience 1 & 2 feature a different off-site activity each day, while our Creative Experience stays on campus.  More information on each experience can be found on the Blue Oaks Extreme Games page.

Do you offer water activities at Blue Oaks?

YES! This year we are excited to announce that we are offering water slides and water play as an option during the Recreation rotation. Make sure to apply that sunscreen and send a towel with your campers name on it. Remember, campers must wear closed-toe shoes and NO flip flops.

My child is going to Pre-K.  Will they go off-site for Breakaway Extreme Games?

Our 4-year-old experience stays on campus and follows our Creative Experience activities, but geared toward their age.

When should I arrive?

Try to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of camp.  Children must be signed in and cannot be dropped off at the curb.

Where do I pick up my child?

Pick up and drop off will be at your child’s small group tent.  Children may be in closing rally when you arrive.  Please wait for your child to get back to his tent so you may sign him out.  Children must be signed in AND out.

Can I pick up my friend’s kids?

Every parent will receive 4 security cards with her child’s unique security code.  As long as you have this card, you may pick up your friend’s child. 

Who will be my child’s leader?

You will receive a post card the week prior to camp with your child’s leader name, group number, and all other important information.

Can my child with special needs come?

Absolutely!  We offer special needs buddies for all activities that take place on our campus at Breakaway Classic and Breakaway Extreme Games.  Just designate your child’s extra needs on the registration form, fill out a special needs family form on our special needs tab, and our Special Needs Leader will contact you and match your child with a buddy.  Because we can only provide support for our buddies while on our campus, 1:1 buddies are provided for Breakaway Extreme Games Creative Experience only.  Parents who wish for their child to attend Extreme Experience 1 or 2 will need to provide their own 18+guardian with a clear Live Scan through Bayside Church.

Can I volunteer?

Please do!  7th graders through adults are welcome to fill out the volunteer link on the registration form.  Live Scan fingerprinting is required in order to serve in any capacity at our Breakaway camps.

Why do you charge for Jr High volunteers?

This is a “Leader in Training” volunteer spot – Our Jr High team comes alongside the 7th  and 8th graders to disciple and pour into each of the students. It’s a growing year since kids are transitioning from campers to volunteers. We have separate devos for our 7th and 8th grader, they are given challenges in which they can win gift card if recognized by another leader. We do a Jr High Rec day, where we feed all the Jr Higher’s lunch and they get to play on our recreation field. This is not just a volunteer position, we try our best to start our Jr High volunteers off on the best possible foot so that serving can be a success for them.

Snack Menu -  Breakaway Classic Blue Oaks
Coming soon.

I’m volunteering.  When’s training?

Breakaway Classic & Breakaway Extreme
Sunday, June 2, 3:00 pm—5:00 pm
Breakaway Classic ONLY
Saturday, June 15 2:00 pm—4:00 pm
Breakaway Extreme
Saturday, July 6 2:00 pm—4:00 pm

What if I can't make the training?

Contact our registrar at to schedule a make-up training.

Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are only available for our Breakaway Classic Camp.  Please refer to FAQ's - Scholarships.

My child can’t come anymore.  Can I get a refund?

Registration Fee is 50% Refundable

  • Breakaway Classic if cancelled before 5/31

  • Breakaway EXTREME Games if cancelled before 6/23

Registration is Non Refundable

  • Breakaway Classic if cancelled after 6/1

  • Breakaway EXTREME Games if cancelled after 6/24

Questions for Blue Oaks Campus?

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