At Breakaway and Breakaway Extreme Games, elementary aged children with Special Needs can come enjoy Breakaway Kids Camps. Our Special Needs Ministry is here to partner with families to make Breakaway the best experience for your child.

"1:1 Buddy Program"

Available all sessions.

Children will be assimilated into the main program and partnered one-on-one with a buddy. This program is for those children who can adapt to small groups and transition with Breakaway’s fast-paced schedule.

“The Really Exceptional Kids”

Available Session 2 at the Granite Bay Campus - June 18-22 5:30-8:30pm.

This is a modified program to accommodate elementary aged children with developmental, emotional, physical and mental special needs — for whom mainstreaming into or regular program is not the best option. To accommodate children who would benefit from a more flexible schedule. Children will also be partnered with our 1:1 buddies in this program.

For more information on these programs, please contact our Special Needs Ministry, at the campus your are planning on attending.

To register children with special needs for Breakaway complete the camp registration. 

If your child needs a personal aide or tutor that will be accompanying them at camp, they need to register online as an adult volunteer, and they will need to be livescanned through Bayside. 

If this is your child’s first time attending Breakaway welcome! To serve your child well please download and return the Family Registration form HERE. Instructions on how to return the form is included on the form.