Need help with registration?

Let us walk you through the process!

First, pick which camp you’d like to choose from. Classic Camps or Extreme Camps. Then you can pick your campus.

Once you have done that- you will click on the link to “Register Here”. This will take you to a new site where our registration portal is. It may look overwhelming at first, but it’s actually pretty simple.

It acts as a shopping cart. On the left hand side, you can put in the dates to narrow down your search or the age of your child, wether you’re signing up a Volunteer or a participant. There are lots of options to narrow down the search, so pick whichever one you’d like! Then simply press “add” to whichever option you choose for you or your child. That will automatically put it in your shopping cart. Then you can continue shopping until everything you need is in the shopping cart! That way you only have to checkout once!

Once it’s time to checkout go to “Your Selections” on the right hand side and press “Continue”. It will ask you to put in your email address to sign you into your account (if you do not have an account with Bayside, you will just create one then). After you are signed in, you will continue with filling out all necessary boxes. We suggest not pressing “auto fill” at any point during your checkout process.

Once you have finished, you can press complete and you will be all set to go! You should receive an email in your inbox shortly after that.

Breakaway will then send any info regarding camp to that email! Make sure you check that email often for updates or registration information.

Thanks for following along and choosing Breakaway! If you need any extra assistance please go to our contacts page and email your specific campus! We’d love to help you.